With the new WIDEX COM-DEX™ users can enjoy hands-free streaming from any mobile phone to UNIQUE™ hearing aids. This means that users can now stream music, phone calls and much more directly to their WIDEX UNIQUE™ hearing aids.


Oticon Connectline Streamer Pro

Description: The Oticon Connectline Streamer Pro gives you control of your audio world and empowers you. Audio is sent straight to both hearing aids, creating a compact wireless headset and images match perfectly due to the unit’s undetectable delay. Using a wireless Bluetooth connection or mini-jack cable, you can control all sources of audio-based information, … Continued

Phonak Roger Pen

Description: The Phonak Roger Pen is a fully automated wireless microphone that enables you to hear and understand more speech over longer distances. The device allows for more clarity in loud situations and locales with heavy speaker influence. The Roger Pen works by communicating with Roger receivers attached to hearing aids or cochlear implants. It … Continued

ReSound Smart™ App

Description: The ReSound Smart™ App allows for an unprecedented personalized hearing experience, putting basic controls and advanced features right at your fingertips. You can adjust the volume of your hearing aids, treble and bass, change and rename programs, and you can even locate any you misplaced or lost. Your settings can be favorited so you … Continued

ReSound Unite™ Phone Clip+

Description: The ReSound™ Unite Phone Clip+ allows you to experience quality phone conversations, while also functioning as a basic remote control for their Resound wireless hearing instruments. Small and compact, the device streams stereo sound directly to both hearing instruments and clips easily to clothing. You, and those you communicate with, will engage in relaxing, … Continued

Widex Phone-Dex

Description: This sleek cordless phone has all the features of your typical landline phone and more. The Widex Phone-Dex is able to stream crystal clear sound directly to both hearing aids: No pairing or streamer needed. The phone functions automatically (even on first use) with any hearing aids that are equipped with a telecoil. It … Continued