Oticon Connectline Streamer Pro

Description: The Oticon Connectline Streamer Pro gives you control of your audio world and empowers you. Audio is sent straight to both hearing aids, creating a compact wireless headset and images match perfectly due to the unit’s undetectable delay. Using a wireless Bluetooth connection or mini-jack cable, you can control all sources of audio-based information, … Continued

Oticon Connectline TV

Description:  This device enables the user to enjoy programs uninterrupted and clearly.The Connectline TV adapter connects to an analogue or digital output on your TV and then transmits sound directly to your hearing instruments. The streamer allows you to control the volume of your TV for your own personal taste without increasing the volume for … Continued

Phonak Roger Pen

Description: The Phonak Roger Pen is a fully automated wireless microphone that enables you to hear and understand more speech over longer distances. The device allows for more clarity in loud situations and locales with heavy speaker influence. The Roger Pen works by communicating with Roger receivers attached to hearing aids or cochlear implants. It … Continued

ReSound TV Streamer 2

Description: The ReSound™ Unite TV Streamer 2 transforms your hearing instruments into wireless headphones. It sends stereo sound directly from your TV, stereo, computer or other audio devices directly to your hearing aids from up to 7 meters away. There is no need for anything extra: no cables or wires. You can control the volume … Continued

ReSound Unite™ Remote Control 2

Description: The ReSound Unite™ Remote Control 2 allows for easy access to your hearing instrument and accessory settings. You can control streaming, change programs and adjust  the volume of the TV Streamer 2 and Mini Microphone ReSound products. It comes with a high contrast LCD display so you can easily adjust settings, such as the … Continued

Widex TV-DEX

Description:  The Widex TV-DEX streams high quality audio, with no delay, straight to your hearing instruments. Experience sound exactly as it was intended: No delays or echoes. You can active ‘Room Off’ mode and temporarily switch the hearing aid’s microphone off to enjoy your favorite shows without unnecessary background noise. Enjoy 10 hours of uninterrupted, … Continued