Repair and Cleaning

Nothing lasts forever, so if your hearing aid or assistive devices are acting up and require maintenance or cleaning, bring them in. If your device isn’t working it may still be under warranty. Regardless of the case we have you covered.

Batteries and Reprogramming

We offer batteries for all your devices, and the expertise to reprogram older models. We can even sync up your listening device to household products to provide an incredible clarity throughout your home.

On-site Programming & in-home Care

We can program and assist you in setting up your accessories in the comfort of your own home! At Schneiker Audiology Services we want to make sure you’re getting the full value from all of your devices, so we’ll go the extra step to make sure.

Tech Help

Just have a few questions? Give us a call and we’ll help you sort out your device issues. Feel free to come on in and see us, we’ll get it sorted out in no time.

Reach Out For Support